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PURPOSE Liver involvement in syphilis has been studied in cohorts of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-negative individuals despite the scarcity of data on such HIV-infected patients. Th aim of this study was to assess hepatic involvement of HIV-infected patients diagnosed with syphilis. METHODS Patients with syphilis and liver involvement, including all(More)
Mucormycosis is an emerging invasive fungal infection, primarily affecting immunocompromised patients. The disease is difficult to diagnose and mortality reaches 40% even if treated adequately. Depending on site of infection and risk factors, surgical debridement in combination with systemically active antifungal drugs are the mainstay treatment strategies.(More)
Morbidity and mortality (M&M) conferences serve as a forum for the discussion of adverse events and errors in the treatment of patients. In the United States M&M conferences are an established part of medical training programs. While being state of the art in specialities like surgery and anesthesiology, they were established later on in internal medicine.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the acceptance and tolerability of the nH1N1 2009 vaccine in HIV-positive individuals. METHOD 758 patients were included in this prospective study. Different study populations were formed: The Tolerability Study Group consists of HIV-infected patients who visited three outpatient clinics (Cologne, Bonn, Freiburg) during a predefined(More)
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