Andrea Bernstein

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Clinical directors play an important role in developing service strategy and in the introduction of systems needed to generate efficiency and improve quality in health care delivery in their provider units. This article emphasizes the range of abilities needed to succeed as a clinical director.
Evaluation of public policies with uncertain economic outcomes should consider society's preferences regarding risk. However, the preference models used in most integrated assessment models, including those commonly used to inform climate policy, do not adequately characterize the risk attitudes revealed by typical investment decisions. Here, we adopt an(More)
University Health Network (UHN) Pathology, in its capacity of providing neuro-oncologic care, now utilizes a laboratory information system (LIS), which was instituted in September 2001. For the 75 years preceding the LIS, more than 50 000 pathology reports exist in paper format. High-throughput automated scanning of the paper archives was employed to add(More)
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