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The mitotic index (MI) is an important measure in cell proliferation studies. Determination of the MI is usually made by light-microscope analysis of slide preparations. The analyst identifies and counts thousands of cells and reports the percentage of mitotic shapes found, among the interphase nuclei. Full automation of this process is an ambitious task,(More)
This paper describes the main problems that arise in a Motor Control Center by the unregulated consumption of electricity due to increased drilling oil wells and the need to treat the resulting water. The implemented solution is a reactive compensation system with automatic control of capacitor banks whose electrical variables such as active power, reactive(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the viability and functional capacity of hematopoietic progenitor cells from cord blood samples cryopreserved at the Banco de Células Stem de Colombia. METHODS After thawing and centrifugation of 20 samples, viable white blood cells were numbered by the trypan blue method and CD34(+)CD45(+dim) hematopoietic progenitor cells were(More)
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