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Different communication media create different shopping experiences, e.g., the phone vs. the web. In this study, we examined the early formation of trust and the likelihood that a shopper will return to a website for subsequent purchases. Consumers were asked to select a blender as a gift for someone they knew using one of four types of user interfaces: (1)(More)
The kinase pathway comprising RAS, RAF, mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MEK) and extracellular signal regulated kinase (ERK) is activated in most human tumours, often through gain-of-function mutations of RAS and RAF family members. Using small-molecule inhibitors of MEK and an integrated genetic and pharmacologic analysis, we find that mutation of(More)
—Traditional scalable video encoders sacrifice coding efficiency to reduce error propagation because they have avoided using enhancement-layer (EL) information to predict the base layer (BL) to prevent the error propagation termed " drift ". Drift can produce very poor video quality if left unchecked. In this paper, we propose a video coder with(More)
Three-screen services provide the right solution for consumers to access rich multimedia resources by any device, anytime and anywhere. In this paper, we describe a prototype system of content personalization and adaptation for three-screen services. The system continuously acquires content from TV broadcast feeds, indexes and adapts the content for users(More)
Insect mitochondrial genomes (mtDNA) are usually double helical and circular molecules containing 37 genes that are encoded on both strands. The arrangement of the genes is not constant for all species, and produces distinct gene orders (GOs) that have proven to be diagnostic in defining clades at different taxonomic levels. In general, it is believed that(More)
In this paper some well known quality metrics such as PSNR and the metric developed at Institute for Telecommunication Sciences (ITS) are reviewed. Their shortcomings in measuring quality of coded video compared to subjective tests are pointed out. Then, a new video quality metric called Moving Picture Quality Metric (MPQM) is presented. This metric models(More)
Communication and commerce by web or phone creates benefits and challenges for both buyer and seller. Websites provide convenience and visualization; telephones provide voice and real-time interaction. To combine key elements of these experiences, we developed PhoneChannel. Using PhoneChannel, a PC user while talking on the telephone can display visuals on(More)
The increasing popularity of multimedia streaming applications introduces new challenges in content distribution. Web-initiated multimedia streams typically experience high start-up delay, due to large protocol overheads and the poor delay, throughput, and loss properties of the Internet. Internet service providers can improve performance by caching the(More)
Provisioning network resources for multimedia streaming is complicated by the bursty, high-bandwidth traffic introduced by compressed video, as well as the variability of the throughput, delay, and loss properties of the Internet, and the lack of end-to-end control by any one service provider. To address these problems, we propose that proxies should(More)