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To find defects in software, one needs test cases that execute the software systematically, and oracles that assess the correctness of the observed behavior when running these test cases. This paper presents EvoSuite, a tool that automatically generates test cases with assertions for classes written in Java code. To achieve this, EvoSuite applies a novel(More)
Randomized algorithms have been used to successfully address many different types of software engineering problems. This type of algorithms employ a degree of randomness as part of their logic. Randomized algorithms are useful for difficult problems where a precise solution cannot be derived in a deterministic way within reasonable time. However, randomized(More)
—Search-based techniques have been shown useful for the task of generating tests, for example in the case of object-oriented software. But, as for any meta-heuristic search, the efficiency is heavily dependent on many different factors; seeding is one such factor that may strongly influence this efficiency. In this paper, we evaluate new and typical(More)
—Most applications of Genetic Programming (GP) involve the creation of an entirely new function, program or expression to solve a specific problem. In this paper we propose a new approach that applies GP to improve existing software by optimising its non-functional properties such as execution time, memory usage or power consumption. In general, satisfying(More)
Container classes such as lists, sets, or maps are elementary data structures common to many programming languages. Since they are a part of standard libraries, they are important to test, which led to research on advanced testing techniques targeting such containers and research on comparing testing techniques using such containers. However, these(More)
In recent years, Model-Based Testing (MBT) has attracted an increasingly wide interest from industry and academia. MBT allows automatic generation of a large and comprehensive set of test cases from system models (e.g., state machines), which leads to the systematic testing of the system. However, even when using simple test strategies, applying MBT in(More)
— Many tasks in Software Engineering are very expensive, and that has led the investigation to how to automate them. In particular, Software Testing can take up to half of the resources of the development of new software. Although there has been a lot of work on automating the testing phase, fixing a bug after its presence has been discovered is still a(More)