Andrea Arcuri

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To find defects in software, one needs test cases that execute the software systematically, and oracles that assess the correctness of the observed behavior when running these test cases. This paper presents EvoSuite, a tool that automatically generates test cases with assertions for classes written in Java code. To achieve this, EvoSuite applies a novel(More)
Randomized algorithms have been used to successfully address many different types of software engineering problems. This type of algorithms employ a degree of randomness as part of their logic. Randomized algorithms are useful for difficult problems where a precise solution cannot be derived in a deterministic way within reasonable time. However, randomized(More)
Not all bugs lead to program crashes, and not always is there a formal specification to check the correctness of a software test's outcome. A common scenario in software testing is therefore that test data are generated, and a tester manually adds test oracles. As this is a difficult task, it is important to produce small yet representative test sets, and(More)
Many tasks in software engineering are very expensive, and that has led the investigation to how to automate them. In particular, software testing can take up to half of the resources of the development of new software. Although there has been a lot of work on automating the testing phase, fixing a bug after its presence has been discovered is still a duty(More)
Most applications of Genetic Programming (GP) involve the creation of an entirely new function, program or expression to solve a specific problem. In this paper we propose a new approach that applies GP to improve existing software by optimising its nonfunctional properties such as execution time, memory usage or power consumption. In general, satisfying(More)
The increase in size and complexity of modern software systems requires scalable, systematic, and automated testing approaches. Model-based testing (MBT), as a systematic and automated test case generation technique, is being successfully applied to verify industrial-scale systems and is supported by commercial tools. However, scalability is still an open(More)
Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms are increasingly used to solve optimization problems in software engineering. The choice of parameters for those algorithms usually follows the "default" settings, often accepted as "rule of thumb" or common wisdom. The fact is that each algorithms needs to be tuned for the problem at hand. Previous work [Arcuri and(More)
Testing and fault localization are very expensive software engineering tasks that have been tried to be automated. Although many successful techniques have been designed, the actual change of the code for fixing the discovered faults is still a human-only task. Even in the ideal case in which automated tools could tell us exactly where the location of a(More)