Andrea Aquino

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Symbolic analysis techniques have largely improved over the years, and are now approaching an industrial maturity level. One of the main limitations to the scalability of symbolic analysis is the impact of constraint solving that is still a relevant bottleneck for the applicability of symbolic techniques, despite the dramatic improvements of the last(More)
The Biomass Research Centre, section of CIRIAF, has recently developed a biomass boiler (300 kW thermal powered), fed by the poultry manure collected in a nearby livestock. All the thermal requirements of the livestock will be covered by the heat produced by gas combustion in the gasifier boiler. Within the activities carried out by the research project(More)
Many symbolic program analysis techniques rely on SMT solvers to verify properties of programs. Despite the remarkable progress made in the development of such tools, SMT solvers still represent a main bottleneck to the scalability of these techniques. Recent approaches tackle this bottleneck by reusing solutions of formulas that recur during program(More)
An innovative space-conditioning system is proposed and a life-cycle assessment (LCA) is presented. The layout is obtained starting from a ground-source heat pump system (GSHP) and includes upstream thermal storage (TS). A prototype of the system, implemented following this new approach, is currently in use for space heating and cooling of an industrial(More)
The effects of increasing concentrations of oregano (Origanum vulgare L.) and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.) essentials oil (EO) on ruminal gas emissions were tested in vitro using 50 mL serum bottles. Each bottle contained a 200 mg substrate (alfalfa hay and corn meal 1:1) and a 20 mL solution composed of a buffered medium and rumen fluid (1:2). The(More)
Removal of carbon dioxide via selective adsorption is a key process to obtain consumer-grade natural gas from biogas and, more generally, CO2 capture and sequestration from gaseous mixtures. The aim of this work is the characterization and classification of a natural alternative to synthetic zeolites that could be used as a carbon dioxide adsorbent. Tuff(More)
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