Andrea Albonico

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The reduced-reference (RR) approximation of a full-reference (FR) video quality assessment method is a convenient way to build evaluation metrics which are both intrinsically well correlated with human judgments and feasible to implement in a network scenario, without the need to explore the perceptual significance of new video features through mean opinion(More)
The existence of a drift to base judgments more on the right half-part of facial stimuli, which falls in the observer's left visual field (left perceptual bias (LPB)), in normal individuals has been demonstrated. However, less is known about the existence of this phenomenon in people affected by face impairment from birth, namely congenital prosopagnosics.(More)
While the dissociation between invariant aspects of a face and emotional expressions has been studied extensively, the role of non-emotional changeable aspects in face recognition has been considered in the literature rarely. The purpose of the present study was to understand whether information on changeable aspects (with and without emotional content) can(More)
Although omission and substitution errors in neglect dyslexia (ND) patients have always been considered as different manifestations of the same acquired reading disorder, recently, we proposed a new dual mechanism model. While omissions are related to the exploratory disorder which characterizes unilateral spatial neglect (USN), substitutions are due to a(More)
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