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Civil war is very common in the developing world, with harmful welfare effects when it occurs. Many fear that the devastation wrought by violent conflict destroys social capital, impedes economic development, and leads to the recurrence of violence (Paul Collier et al. 2003). In response, donors are injecting large amounts of aid into post-conflict(More)
The MERLIN corpus is a written learner corpus for Czech, German, and Italian that has been designed to illustrate the Common Euro-pean Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) with authentic learner data. The corpus contains 2,290 learner texts produced in standardized language certifications covering CEFR levels A1–C1. The MERLIN annotation scheme(More)
Providing sets of semantically related words in the lexical entries of an electronic dictionary should help language learners quickly understand the meaning of the target words. Relational information might also improve memorisation, by allowing the generation of structured vocabulary study lists. However, an open issue is which semantic relations are(More)
In this paper we present an approach to the coordination of complex systems operating in a multi-objective domain, which is an extention of the dynamic weighted aggregation method where the weightings are influenced by the decision makers themselves. This is implemented through an information theoretic voting model, taking its inspiration from the political(More)
English. This paper describes an extended version of the KoKo corpus (version KoKo4, Dec 2015), a corpus of written German L1 learner texts from three different German-speaking regions in three different countries. The KoKo corpus is richly annotated with learner language features on different linguistic levels such as errors or other linguistic(More)
  • Dipl.-Ing Judith Knapp, Nejdl Wolfgang, +9 authors Kurzfassung
  • 2004
Preface Nowadays science is becoming a working field in which knowledge of several disciplines is required from the researchers. The world cannot be divided into domains within which pure specialists could reach increasingly higher results. Reality shows that forgetting one aspect of a related field may significantly influence the entire outcome. Even a(More)
The colloquium LULCL II aims at providing an overview of ongoing research activities on computational approaches for lesser used, lesser standardised and lesser resourced languages and strengthening the research community and its practices. This year's LULCL colloquium puts a special focus on bringing together efforts from several related research(More)