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The MERLIN corpus is a written learner corpus for Czech, German, and Italian that has been designed to illustrate the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) with authentic learner data. The corpus contains 2,290 learner texts produced in standardized language certifications covering CEFR levels A1–C1. The MERLIN annotation scheme(More)
Providing sets of semantically related words in the lexical entries of an electronic dictionary should help language learners quickly understand the meaning of the target words. Relational information might also improve memorisation, by allowing the generation of structured vocabulary study lists. However, an open issue is which semantic relations are(More)
Since its publication in 2001, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) has gained a leading role as an instrument of reference for language teaching and certification. Nonetheless, there is a growing concern about CEFR levels being insufficiently illustrated in terms of authentic learner data. Such concern grows even stronger when(More)
In this paper we present an approach to the coordination of complex systems operating in a multi-objective domain, which is an extention of the dynamic weighted aggregation method where the weightings are influenced by the decision makers themselves. This is implemented through an information theoretic voting model, taking its inspiration from the political(More)
Whereas dictionary design has traditionally been guided by the results of dictionary use research, recent approaches in lexicographic research are strictly user-centred. We support the idea of integrating empirical cognitive evidence into this type of research, thus fruitfully exploiting it for both, the selection (and subsequently presentation) of lexical(More)
Der Fachbereich „Sprache & Recht“ der Europäischen Akademie Bozen hat für die beiden Datenbanken von ELDIT und BISTRO zwei verschiedene italienisch-deutsche Internetschnittstellen entwickelt. Obwohl es bedeutende Gemeinsamkeiten gibt, sind Aussehen und Funktion völlig unterschiedlich. In diesem Beitrag werden beide Systeme kurz vorgestellt, die(More)
English. This paper describes an extended version of the KoKo corpus (version KoKo4, Dec 2015), a corpus of written German L1 learner texts from three different German-speaking regions in three different countries. The KoKo corpus is richly annotated with learner language features on different linguistic levels such as errors or other linguistic(More)
Andrea Abel, National Wildlife Federation, began by thanking the Council, the Secretariat and JPAC for all the past year’s work. She noted that cooperative environmental efforts, public participation and transparency were all themes raised during this Council session, and she acknowledged the maturation in the CEC’s thinking on how to put these concepts(More)
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