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Through studying the intersections of sanitation and segregation in Brooklyn, New York in the post-WWII era, this thesis reveals a web of willful white negligence that constructed a narrative that supports continued environmental injustices towards black Americans. As a result of housing discrimination, the lack of sanitation, and the political and social(More)
When entering a ward the environment observed can be perceived in one of two ways: either from the perspective of 'background', this being the backdrop against which events take place, or as the main focus of attention, thereby alerting the observer to what is going on in the setting. Whilst undertaking their work nurses emit signs which patients, relatives(More)
Many Enlightenment authors expressed confidence in the relentless progress of knowledge, but they also exuded skepticism and unease about reason. New questions about nature, and new approaches to studying it, unleashed fears about humanity's place in the world. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz worried that the specter of infinite time might eliminate the need for(More)
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