Andre Sharon

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Blast exposure is associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI), neuropsychiatric symptoms, and long-term cognitive disability. We examined a case series of postmortem brains from U.S. military veterans exposed to blast and/or concussive injury. We found evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a tau protein-linked neurodegenerative disease, that(More)
A robot's ability to maintain desired interface forces during constrained motion is governed by its driving point impedance and primarily by its inertia. Negative force feedback is a means of reducing this driving point impedance, but the system becomes unstable at high bandwidths. A macro/micro manipulator system, consisting of a large (macro) robot(More)
Design in the Physical Domain is proposed as a means of integrating control systems design with mechanical systems design. This approach facilitates separation of design issues from implementation issues through high-level abstraction, and provides guidance in selecting the proper physical architecture for a given control task. It is shown, as an example,(More)
The problem of robot positioning accuracy is caused primarily by unmeasured deflections of the structure and poor actuator servo resolution. This is particulary troublesome when large manipulators and payloads are considered. This paper presents an approach to this problem based on the use of a direct enpoint position and orientation measurement. While this(More)
Resonant grating-waveguide structures formed with InP/InGaAsP semiconductor materials were tested to show light modulation at a wavelength of 1.55 microm. Narrow, subnanometer resonant spectral bandwidths and a ratio of ref lected intensities between resonance and away from resonance of greater than 50 were measured. For a resonant structure with an area of(More)
The emergence and spread of bacterial resistance to ever increasing classes of antibiotics intensifies the need for fast phenotype-based clinical tests for determining antibiotic susceptibility. Standard susceptibility testing relies on the passive observation of bacterial growth inhibition in the presence of antibiotics. In this paper, we present a novel(More)
Many new and exciting portable HIV viral load testing technologies are emerging for use in global medicine. While the potential to provide fast, isothermal, and quantitative molecular diagnostic information to clinicians in the field will soon be a reality, many of these technologies lack a robust front end for sample clean up and nucleic acid preparation.(More)
While the silicon microoptical bench with purely passive locational features was an attempt at breadboard-like integration for photonic applications, it failed to provide the high-precision alignment required for efficient light coupling between devices and/or fibers. To optimize the final alignment without the introduction of on-board active actuators or(More)
We report on edge-emitting lasers based on the 1- and 2-D longitudinal photonic bandgap crystal concept. The longitudinal photonic bandgap crystal (PBC) design allows a robust and controllable extension of the fundamental mode over a thick multilayer waveguide to obtain a very large vertical mode spot size and a narrow vertical beam divergence.