Andre R. Taurines

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This paper presents a method for the quantification of software failures in a reactor protection system in the context of probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) for a nuclear power plant. The emphasis of the method is on the quantification of the failure probability of an application software module, which can lead to the functional failure modes: failure to(More)
The search for new phases of strange quark matter inside neutron stars has recently received a lot of attention since it has been shown that the attractive nature of the one gluon exchange interaction in QCD may produce a superconducting phase in quark matter. We study an extended version of the Chromodielectric model with a BCS quark pairing implemented,(More)
Strange quark matter in beta equilibrium at high densities is studied in a quark confinement model. Two equations of state are dynamically generated for the same set of model parameters used to describe the nucleon: one corresponds to a chiral restored phase with almost massless quarks and the other to a chiral broken phase. The chiral symmetric phase(More)
We consider the implementation of a parallel Monte Carlo code for high-performance simulations on PC clusters with MPI. We carry out tests of speedup and efficiency. The code is used for numerical simulations of pure SU(2) lattice gauge theory at very large lattice volumes, in order to study the infrared behavior of gluon and ghost propagators. This problem(More)
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