Andre R. R. Souza

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The design, deployment and execution of business process models and their associated security models is expensive and time consuming. This is because these activities usually involve multiple stakeholders that include business domain experts, security experts, web service developers and IT operations teams, and there is no streamlined development(More)
The adoption of business processes to design business activities is becoming a reality to a significant number of companies. In addition, the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is being used in diverse situations for the execution of business processes using computational resources. In this context, the need of business process automation appears with high(More)
Individual recognition (IR) has been demonstrated in some Pachycondyla ants. The maintenance of such memories is challenged when queens are separated for the few hours of forage (attenuation) or when they are simultaneously interacting with conspecifics in a reduced space, that is, the nest (interference). By quantifying the level of aggression among(More)
When helpers from cooperative breeding animals have some expectation of direct reproduction, there is potential for conflict over how much aid they should provide to the colony. For example, if food is shared among all colony members, then higher levels of foraging by a helper would be desirable for the colony as a whole. However, because foraging is risky(More)
We investigated the effect of kinship on mate selection by males of the neotropical primitively eusocial paper wasp Polistes versicolor. By conducting short-time, paired, consecutive, dyadic encounters, in which a male was randomly introduced separately to a related and an unrelated female in a small glass arena, we were able to observe and measure the male(More)
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