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Eduroam offers secure access to the Internet at participating institutions, using authentication via IEEE 802.1X and secure forwarding of authentication data to the authentication server of the user's institution. Due to erroneous configuration manuals and a lack of knowledge on the user side, though, a big share of client devices lack the required root CA(More)
This work presents a simulation study of an event-based predictive control system for a greenhouse irrigation process. The control system objective is to maintain the desired humidity level, keeping the water usage as low as possible. The event-based control scheme uses a crop transpiration model and a water content virtual sensor to trigger the irrigation(More)
Cartilage is used in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Ageing of cartilage, followed by calcification, makes cartilage implants susceptible to resorption. However, it has been suggested that decalcified cartilage resists resorption. In the present work resorption of calcified and decalcified cartilage implants in isogenic and allogenic rats was studied in(More)
In this work, a practical event-based framework for multivariable processes is introduced. The developed control algorithm is based on a Generalized Predictive Control (GPC) algorithm suitable for MIMO systems. The most important advantage of the proposed control scheme is the adaptability of control actions to process disturbances and process interactions.(More)
Abstrat This paper presents a guiding strategy for autonomous vehicles working in greenhouses based on laser and vision. It follows the idea of auto-guided vehicles but despite of establishing the desired route on the ground (like auto-guided vehicles), here a mesh of laser emitters are managed to establish the route. In particular, a vision-based algorithm(More)
Modern vehicles are required to comply with a range of environmental regulations limiting the level of emissions for various greenhouse gases, toxins and particulate matter. To ensure compliance, regulators test vehicles in controlled settings and empirically measure their emissions at the tailpipe. However, the black box nature of this testing and the(More)
S p o y e r mlt selner Gal"tenzeitung und die unermiidete Thiitigkelt dcr Herren: Fi irs~, L i g e l a)~ S c h e n k , S t u r m , etc. etc. Die S e h w e i z hat in Z ti r i c he ine Zeitschrift for Gartenbau. ~H am b i/,r g" hat sein Archiv fiir den Gartenund Blumenbauverein. Und die zwar kleine, aber b e r ii h m t e UniversitiilsStadt , J e n a" im(More)
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