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BACKGROUND Drusen are common features in the ageing macula associated with exudative Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD). They are visible in retinal images and their quantitative analysis is important in the follow up of the ARMD. However, their evaluation is fastidious and difficult to reproduce when performed manually. METHODS This article proposes(More)
MOTIVATION Cell division in Escherichia coli is morphologically symmetric. However, as unwanted protein aggregates are segregated to the cell poles and, after divisions, accumulate at older poles, generate asymmetries in sister cells' vitality. Novel single-molecule detection techniques allow observing aging-related processes in vivo, over multiple(More)
The huge development of the information systems in the last decades has, in many aspects, not been followed by the medical industry mainly due to legal and ethical issues that influence this specific area. Information sharing is in fact difficult and often impossible when we deal with patients data. Therefore, the creation of large centralized databases(More)
The main goal of information fusion is to combine heterogeneous information to obtain a single composite of potential comparable alternative solutions that can be classified and ranked. The crux of information fusion, which is a type of data fusion, is three-fold: (i) data must be comparable and numerical, using some normalization process; (ii) imprecision(More)
Design by Contract was first introduced in the Eiffel programming language to address the reliability concern in Object-Oriented Software Development, namely on module interaction. On the other hand, Aspect-Oriented Software Development aims at providing a means to identify, modularise and compose cross-cutting concerns, which classical approaches for(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS To monitor possible changes in the cumulated drusen or geographic atrophy area size (CDGAS) of nonexudative age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in patients before and after cataract surgery, using a new tool for computer-aided image quantification. METHODS Randomized, prospective, clinical trial. 54 patients with cataract and(More)
Drusens are indicators of macular degeneration, a disease characterized by accumulations of extra cellular materials under retina. The automatic study of the quantitative evolution of Drusen spots throughout a medical treatment constitutes a useful tool for ophthalmologists. Until now, drusen evaluation was done manually, based only on qualitative aspects.(More)
In computer vision systems an unpredictable image corruption can have significant impact on its usability. Image recovery methods for partial image damage, in particular in moving scenarios, can be crucial for recovering corrupted images. In these situations, image fusion techniques can be successfully applied to congregate information taken at different(More)