Andre Matthias Müller

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Physical activity is effective in preventing chronic diseases, increasing quality of life and promoting general health in older adults, but most older adults are not sufficiently active to gain those benefits. A novel and economically viable way to promote physical activity in older adults is through non-face-to-face interventions. These are conducted with(More)
IMPORTANCE A patient with a Caspr2 autoantibodies-associated syndrome had an unusual clinical triad and an excellent response to B-cell-anergizing therapy using the humanized monoclonal antibody tocilizumab directed against the interleukin 6 (IL-6) receptor. OBSERVATIONS A 55-year-old man had an atypical clinical triad of epilepsy, dysarthria, and(More)
BACKGROUND Wearable activity trackers are promising as interventions that offer guidance and support for increasing physical activity and health-focused tracking. Most adults do not meet their recommended daily activity guidelines, and wearable fitness trackers are increasingly cited as having great potential to improve the physical activity levels of(More)
BACKGROUND Mobile technology to promote exercise is effective; however, most evidence is from studies of younger groups in high-income countries. Investigating if short message service (SMS) texting can affect exercise participation in older adults from an upper-middle-income country is important considering the proliferation of mobile phones in developing(More)
BACKGROUND Promoting physical activity and healthy eating is important to combat the unprecedented rise in NCDs in many developing countries. Using modern information-and communication technologies to deliver physical activity and diet interventions is particularly promising considering the increased proliferation of such technologies in many developing(More)
BACKGROUND The office workplace is a key setting in which to address excessive sitting time and inadequate physical activity. One major influence on workplace sitting is the organizational environment. However, the impact of organizational-level strategies on individual level activity change is unknown. Further, the emergence of sophisticated,(More)
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