Andre Manitius

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The present study aimed at accessing the natural history of untreated asymptomatic bacteriuria in diabetic patients observed for 14 years. Two groups of diabetic patients were examined. Group I comprised 53 patients with significant bacteriuria, without clinical symptoms of urinary tract infection. Group II consisted of 54 patients with sterile urine. All(More)
FPGA AND ASIC IMPLEMENTATION OF RHO AND P-1 METHODS OF FACTORING Ramakrishna Bachimanchi, MS George Mason University, 2007 Thesis Director: Dr. Kris Gaj One of the main challenges in the cryptography is breaking RSA-1024. The problem can be explained as factoring large integers. The suitable methods for this purpose are Multiple Polynomial Quadratic Sieve(More)
RECONSTRUCTING DYNAMICS IN NEURONAL NETWORKS USING DATA ASSIMILATION Franz Hamilton, PhD George Mason University, 2015 Dissertation Director: Dr. Nathalia Peixoto Understanding the dynamics of the in vivo brain under normal and diseased states is one of the great challenges of modern scientific study. The overall complexity and dimension of the brain though(More)