Andre M C Souza

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Conventional 1.5 T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems suffer from poor out-of-plane resolution (slice dimension), usually with in-plane resolution being several times higher than the former. Post-acquisition, super-resolution (SR) filtering is a viable alternative and a less expensive, off-line image processing approach that is employed to improve(More)
The basic aspects of both Boltzmann-Gibbs (BG) and nonextensive statistical mechanics can be seen through three different stages. First, the proposal of an entropic functional (S(BG)=-k Sigma(i)p(i)ln p(i) for the BG formalism) with the appropriate constraints (Sigma(i)p(i)=1 and Sigma(i)p(i)E(i)=U for the BG canonical ensemble). Second, through(More)
A thermodynamic formalism is developed for a system of interacting particles under overdamped motion, which has been recently analyzed within the framework of nonextensive statistical mechanics. It amounts to expressing the interaction energy of the system in terms of a temperature θ, conjugated to a generalized entropy s(q), with q = 2. Since θ assumes(More)
Along the lines of nonextensive statistical mechanics, based on the entropy Sq = k(1 − i p q i)/(q − 1) (S 1 = −k i p i ln p i), and Beck-Cohen superstatistics, we heuristically generalize Planck's statistical law for the black-body radiation. The procedure is based on the discussion of the differential equation dy/dx = −a 1 y−(aq −a 1) y q (with y(0) = 1),(More)
An effective temperature θ, conjugated to a generalized entropy s(q), was introduced recently for a system of interacting particles. Since θ presents values much higher than those of typical room temperatures T≪θ, the thermal noise can be neglected (T/θ≃0) in these systems. Moreover, the consistency of this definition, as well as of a form analogous to the(More)
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