Andre L. Luvizotto

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—One of the defining characteristics of human cog-nition is our outstanding capacity to cooperate. A central requirement for cooperation is the ability to establish a " shared plan " —which defines the interlaced actions of the two cooperating agents—in real time, and even to negotiate this shared plan during its execution. In the current research we(More)
It has been proposed that the dense excitatory local connectivity of the neo-cortex plays a specific role in the transformation of spatial stimulus information into a temporal representation or a temporal population code (TPC). TPC provides for a rapid, robust, and high-capacity encoding of salient stimulus features with respect to position, rotation, and(More)
Recently, we have proposed that the dense local and sparse long-range connectivity of the visual cortex accounts for the rapid and robust transformation of visual stimulus information into a temporal population code, or TPC. In this paper, we combine the canonical cortical computational principle of the TPC model with two other systems: an attention system(More)
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