Andre K Berner

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The impact of AGEs and advanced lipoxidation end-products (ALEs) on neuronal and Müller glial dysfunction in the diabetic retina is not well understood. We therefore sought to identify dysfunction of the retinal Müller glia during diabetes and to determine whether inhibition of AGEs/ALEs can prevent it. Sprague–Dawley rats were divided into three groups:(More)
Recent data have revealed epigenetic derangements and subsequent chromatin remodeling as a potent biologic switch for chronic inflammation and cell survival which are important therapeutic targets in the pathogenesis of several retinal degenerations. Histone deacetylases (HDACs) are a major component of this system and serve as a unique control of the(More)
Methylglyoxal (MG) is an important precursor for AGEs. Normally, MG is detoxified by the glyoxalase (GLO) enzyme system (including component enzymes GLO1 and GLO2). Enhanced glycolytic metabolism in many cells during diabetes may overpower detoxification capacity and lead to AGE-related pathology. Using a transgenic rat model that overexpresses GLO1, we(More)
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