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Business model innovations (BMIs) are one of the key activities organizations must undertake to survive and thrive. As information systems (IS) penetrate more and more aspects of life, they become an important factor affecting both the process and the outcome of business model innovations. The increased importance of IS in a growing number of industries has(More)
The increasing diffusion of digital technologies throughout industries and aspects of life is transforming businesses even in areas that always have been dependent on physical materiality. In this paper, by conducting an exploratory Delphi study in collaboration with 19 industry experts, we aim to shed light on the specific managerial challenges associated(More)
The phenomenon of digital transformation received some attention in previous literature concerning industries such as media, entertainment and publishing. However, there is a lack of understanding about digital transformation of primarily physical industries, whose products cannot be completely digitized, e.g., automotive industry. We conducted a rigorous(More)
Digital technologies have reached the sphere of industrial-age, primarily physical industries, thus forcing incumbent firms to digitally innovate their business models. Employing a longitudinal dataset of the world's largest automobile manufacturers from 2000 to 2013, we found empirical evidence of a positive effect of digital technology– related mergers(More)