Andre Ferreira

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BACKGROUND Two different Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) were developed, both based on electro-biological signals. One is based on the EMG signal and the other is based on the EEG signal. Two major features of such interfaces are their relatively simple data acquisition and processing systems, which need just a few hardware and software resources, so that(More)
This paper presents a comparison between two different technologies of acquisition systems (BrainNet36 and Emotiv Epoc) for an Independent-BCI based on Steady-State Visual Evoked Potential (SSVEP). Two stimuli separated by a viewing angle <; 1° were used. Multivariate Synchronization Index (MSI) technique was used as feature extractor and five subjects(More)
Recent decades have seen BCI applications as a novel and promising new channel of communication, control and entertainment for disabled and healthy people. However, BCI technology can be prone to errors due to the basic emotional state of the user: the performance of reactive and active BCIs decrease when user becomes stressed or bored, for example.(More)
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