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We address the challenge of using image queries to retrieve video clips from a large database. Using binarized Fisher Vectors as global signatures, we present three novel contributions. First, an asymmetric comparison scheme for binarized Fisher Vectors is shown to boost retrieval performance by 0.27 mean Average Precision, exploiting the fact that query(More)
Reproducible research in the area of visual search depends on the availability of large annotated datasets. In this paper, we address the problem of querying a video database by images that might share some contents with one or more video clips. We present a new large dataset, called <i>Stanford I2V</i>. We have collected more than 3; 800 hours of newscast(More)
We study the challenges of image-based retrieval when the database consists of videos. This variation of visual search is important for a broad range of applications that require indexing video databases based on their visual contents. We present new solutions to reduce storage requirements, while at the same time improving video search quality. The video(More)
For mobile augmented reality, an image captured by a mobile device's camera is often compared against a database hosted on a remote server to recognize objects in the image. It is critically important that the amount of data transmitted over the network is as small as possible to reduce the system latency. A low bitrate global signature for still images has(More)
We demonstrate a novel multimedia system that continuously indexes videos and enables real-time search using images, with a broad range of potential applications. Television shows are recorded and indexed continuously, and iconic images from recent events are discovered automatically. Users can query an uploaded image or an image in the web. When a result(More)
We demonstrate EigenNews, a personalized television news system. Upon visiting the EigenNews website, a user is shown a variety of news videos which have been automatically selected based on her individual preferences. These videos are extracted from 16 continually recorded television programs using a multimodal segmentation algorithm. Relevant metadata for(More)
Many large collections of news videos dating back several decades can now be accessed online. For users to easily retrieve a compilation of stories on a particular event/topic and to quickly sample each story clip, all the news videos must be precisely segmented into stories and a representative video summary must be generated for each story. In this paper,(More)
We consider the problem of using image queries to retrieve videos from a database. Our focus is on large-scale applications , where it is infeasible to index each database video frame independently. Our main contribution is a framework based on Bloom filters, which can be used to index long video segments, enabling efficient image-to-video comparisons.(More)
We formulate the task of 3D object retrieval as a visual search problem where a database containing videos of objects captured manually from different viewpoints is queried using a single image. We propose to aggregate visual information of similar views and use the Fisher vector (FV) framework to compactly represent a database of objects. Large-scale(More)