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—This paper describes the implementation of an RF receiver frontend for the 2.4 GHz ISM band; it comprises an LNA, an IQ oscillator/mixer, and a low-pass filter. The proposed circuit is low cost and power efficient. To be low cost the circuit is inductorless and implemented in a standard nanoscale digital CMOS technology, with a state-of-the-art figure for(More)
Despite the increasing risk that ocean acidification will modify benthic communities, great uncertainty remains about how this impact will affect the lower trophic levels, such as members of the meiofauna. A mesocosm experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of water acidification on a phytal meiofauna community from a coral reef. Community(More)
Engineering education is facing difficult times attracting women, African-Americans, and Hispanics in academia in the United States. The problem worsens in graduate education as the statistics for women and minority faculty at engineering graduate schools across the country are depressingly low. As the quest for knowledge increases, we must provide PhD(More)
A new genus of the family Desmodoridae, Cornurella gen. n. is described from a Campos Basin sea site, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It differs from the other genera of the family by the clearly annulated body cuticle, ornamented with eight longitudinal rows of spines, a strong cephalic capsule with thorn-like ornamentation; amphideal fovea closed loop-shaped in(More)
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