Andre Du Plessis

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Twenty-four children with Williams syndrome underwent systematic neurologic evaluations. Abnormalities of mental status, motor coordination, tone, and gait were most prevalent. Tone abnormalities varied as a function of age, with younger children frequently exhibiting decreased tone and older subjects almost exclusively having increased tone. The gait and(More)
Duloxetine hydrochloride, a mixed reuptake inhibitor of serotonin and noradrenaline, was studied in a 6 week open-label uncontrolled multicentre design at a dose of 20 mg daily both in in- and outpatients meeting DSM-III-R criteria for unipolar major depressive disorder. Seventy-nine patients took part in the study. The mean score on the 17-item Hamilton(More)
Psychosocial stress is a contributing factor to cardiovascular disease. 1 An important way of investigating the mechanisms underlying this association is acute psycho-physiological stress testing, involving measurement of physiological responses to laboratory-induced stress. Psycho-physiological stress testing allows individual differences in responses to(More)
Urbanisation is associated with obesity, hypertension and development of the metabolic syndrome (MS). We aimed to assess the use of different coping styles and their influence on increases in MS indicators and target end-organ damage (TOD) in urban black African men. A sample of 53 men was classified as clear high active (AC, n = 30) or passive coping (PC,(More)
A workshop was held at Onderstepoort on 2-3 July 1999 to set priorities in veterinary helminthology for South Africa. Representatives from 19 organisations attended. The workshop achieved 2 of its 3 aims, namely to identify the priority areas within the field and to set specific objectives to be achieved in addressing these needs. Seven strategies were(More)
This case report describes the rare anomaly of an absent right anterior scalene muscle presenting with the symptoms and signs of the thoracic outlet syndrome. The thoracic outlet syndrome in our patient can be attributed to the absence of the right anterior scalene muscle, which resulted in the brachial plexus being in proximity to the subclavian vein and(More)
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