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Mobile application development
Web apps are cheaper to develop and deploy than native apps, but can they match the native user experience?
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Enterprise AJAX: Strategies for Building High Performance Web Applications
“The core technologies of Ajax are quite straightforward; the hard part is applying them in the real world. Fortunately, the authors have been putting Ajax into practice since long before the termExpand
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Enterprise Ajax: Building Robust Ajax Applications
In this one-of-a-kind video package, three leading Ajax developers show you exactly how to build reliable, scalable, high-performance Ajax-based Web applications at the enterprise level. Expand
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Mobile Application Development: Web vs. Native
A few short years ago, most mobile devices were, for want of a better word, "dumb." Sure, there were some early smartphones, but they were either entirely e-mail focused or lacked sophisticated touch screens that could be used without a stylus. Expand
Web apps are cheaper to develop and deploy than native apps , but can they match the native user experience ? BY
anything more than simple text, links, and maybe an image. This meant if you had one of these devices, you were either a businessperson addicted to email or an alpha geek hoping that this would beExpand
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Method for remote monitoring and playback a user's interaction with a web page
Computer-implemented method for reproducing the interaction of a user with a web (24) page, comprising: applying (710) reproduction of a track record (36) from a playback server (30); request (718) and periodically receive data of user interaction of the user from the playback server; recreating (720) a visualization of the interaction data from the user interaction; and play (722) that display interaction based on data received from the replay server. Expand