Andre C. Mendes

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This work investigates the problem of channel sensing order used by a cognitive multichannel network, where each user is able to perform primary user detection on only one channel at a time. The sensing order indicates the sequence of channels sensed by the secondary users when searching for an available channel. When using an optimal sensing order, the(More)
The great network development in the past few years, especially in optical networks area, is increasing backbone links capacity. However, TCP presents shortcomings to deal with reliable data transfer in high bandwidth and high delay scenarios, which makes most of the backbone links underutilized. This work presents a new implementation approach, using HTTP(More)
Resumo— Em redes cognitivas, os dispositivos de uma rede oportunista aproveitam os momentos de ociosidade do sistema licenciado para realizar as suas transmissões. Para tal, ´ e fundamental que esses períodos de ociosidade sejam detectados com confiabilidade. Diante desta necessidade, o presente traba-lho propõe um mecanismo de detecção cooperativa dos(More)
Despite the increasing of backbone networks links capacity, such links remain, most of the time, being under-utilized due to the inherent problems of closed-loop congestion control of the TCP transport protocol. In order to improve the TCP performance on these scenarios, the logistics concept proposes splitting TCP end-to-end connections in chained(More)
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