Andre Beliveau

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Switch fabric in routers requires very tight characteristics in term of packet loss, fairness in bandwidth allocation, no head-of-line blocking and low latency. Such attributes are traditionally resolved using specialized and expensive switch devices. Motivated by the emergence of IEEE Data Center Bridging, we explore the possibility of using commodity(More)
Openflow is a step towards a more flexible data plane. In Openflow-based deployments, packet forwarding model relies on a set of pipelined tables. However, supporting multiple hardware tables is challenging while having serious limitations. In this paper, we investigate a novel approach to packet forwarding design that tailors Openflow forwarding paths(More)
In the quest of providing a deterministic backplane-like behaviour a mechanism called ECCP (Ethernet Congestion Control & Prevention) was proposed where specialized and expensive devices were replaced by commodity Ethernet switches while still keeping the router properties, e.g. low-latency packet delivery, no packet loss within the fabric and fair(More)
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