Andras Sagi

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8-Oxoguanine is a ubiquitous oxidative base lesion. We report here on the effect of this lesion on the structure and stability of quadruplexes formed by the human telomeric DNA sequence 5'-dG(3)(TTAG(3))(3) in NaCl and KCl. CD, PAGE and absorption-based thermodynamic stability data showed that replacement of any of the tetrad-forming guanines by(More)
The aim of the work is the presentation, critical analysis and the evaluation of contemporary ideas and dilemmas on the basic hypotheses and axioms for consumer behavior modeling. Considerations in the work include the ideas on consumer sovereignty, supposition of consistency and persistency of consumer choice, choice rationality in the conditions of(More)
The aim of the work is to review and analyze the ideas and possibilities of modeling social welfare optimization based on the essential premises of neoclassical schools on consumer choice optimization. The work explains current and often controversial conceptions of basic postulates of economic welfare. It deals with the problems of defining the functions(More)
The author tries to present and analyze the influence of theoreticians of administrative management on developing the classical school in the narrow sense, i.e. taylorism. In the first part, the author considers the thoughts of Fayol, the most eminent theoretician of administrative management concerning the enterprise organizational structure and the(More)
The authors consider microeconomic aspects of the state regulation of tax policies and subventions. The analysis includes the consideration of basic goals of the state intervention as providing budgetary revenues, influences on microeconomic situations, preference or non-preference of some market participant or social groups. The main point of consideration(More)
The work considers the complex problems of dynamic optimization of exploiting resources that are not renewable. The analysis starts from the so-called Hotelling rule, the base for the theory of dynamism of exploiting these resources. Taking into consideration the appropriative suppositions and limitations, as well as the application of contemporary(More)
The work gives a concise review and critical analysis of the so-called alternative theories of firm behavior. The review includes: a) theory of output pricing in conditions of uncertainty when the target function is not profit maximization; b) considering possibilities of management to carry out business policy outside the owner's interests; c) considering(More)
The author considers the problems of planning and realizing sustainable development aiming at protecting the living environment. In this research, the author recognizes that the stable and sustainable development together with the protection of the living environment is not possible without recognizing self-regulating mechanisms of the nature and their(More)