Andras Sagi

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The authors present and critically analyze contemporary microeconomic models of demand optimization of input factors in different conditions of imperfect competition on input and output markets. The first part of the work considers the problems of optimization of the application of labor and capital input in the conditions of competitive input market and(More)
The authors consider the problems of influence of externalities on the Pareto optimal allocation of economic resources in the market economy. The analysis of the market equilibrium model in the conditions of competitive market and in case of positive and negative externalities shows a suboptimal allocation of production factors. In case of positive(More)
The work gives a presentation and the critical consideration of postulate applicability of new optimization models of consumer choice. The research includes the analysis and illustration of maximization of feasible usefulness of consumers on the so-called Lancaster model of goods characteristics, analysis of postulates and the model of consumer choice in(More)
In this work the authors present and analyze some possibilities of applying the game theory to solve economic problems, primarily microeconomic ones. The first example to illustrate the applications of the game theory gives the solution of alternatives of two companies for computer production in strategic decision-making for using the joint operative(More)
The authors consider the possibilities of completing market enterprise strategy in two market situations in contemporary conditions of the existence of potential competitors on a perfect monopolistic market, and in the conditions of including elements of the so-called non-price competitions, i.e. the so-called “sales effort” in the model of(More)
The authors give a critical review and the analysis of possible implementation of Williamson's transaction cost theory. In the first part, they consider the characteristics of participants' behavior in transactions, notion of transaction, transactional costs and the warranty of contractual regulation. The main part of the work includes the dimensional(More)
The author considers the problems of planning and realizing sustainable development aiming at protecting the living environment. In this research, the author recognizes that the stable and sustainable development together with the protection of the living environment is not possible without recognizing self-regulating mechanisms of the nature and their(More)
The work deals with the comparative and critical analysis of macroeconomic aspects of general equilibrium theory. It is about the problem of general equilibrium in production, general equilibrium in exchange and the problems of simultaneous equilibrium in production and exchange. The research of cited problems contributes to a better understanding the(More)
The work gives a concise review and critical analysis of the so-called alternative theories of firm behavior. The review includes: a) theory of output pricing in conditions of uncertainty when the target function is not profit maximization; b) considering possibilities of management to carry out business policy outside the owner's interests; c) considering(More)