Andras Kern

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We identified subsets of neurons in the brain that coexpress the dopamine receptor subtype-2 (DRD2) and the ghrelin receptor (GHSR1a). Combination of FRET confocal microscopy and Tr-FRET established the presence of GHSR1a:DRD2 heteromers in hypothalamic neurons. To interrogate function, mice were treated with the selective DRD2 agonist cabergoline, which(More)
Dopamine neurotransmission is traditionally accepted as occurring through the five dopamine receptors that transduce its signal. Recent evidence has demonstrated that the range of physiologically relevant dopamine signaling complexes is greatly expanded by the ability of dopamine receptors to interact with other dopamine receptors and with receptors of(More)
The ghrelin receptor (GHSR1a) and dopamine receptor-1 (DRD1) are coexpressed in hippocampal neurons, yet ghrelin is undetectable in the hippocampus; therefore, we sought a function for apo-GHSR1a. Real-time single-molecule analysis on hippocampal neurons revealed dimerization between apo-GHSR1a and DRD1 that is enhanced by DRD1 agonism. In addition,(More)
OBJECTIVE Appetitive responses to weight loss are mediated by a nutrient-sensing neural network comprised of melanocortin neurons. The role of neural melanocortin-3 receptors (MC3R) in mediating these responses is enigmatic. Mc3r knockout mice exhibit a paradoxical phenotype of obesity and reduced feeding-related behaviors in situations of nutrient(More)
The orexigenic peptide hormone ghrelin is synthesized in the stomach and its receptor growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHSR1a) is expressed mainly in the central nervous system (CNS). In this review, we confine our discussion to the physiological role of GHSR1a in the brain. Paradoxically, despite broad expression of GHSR1a in the CNS, other than trace(More)
The adrenal gland regulates a number of essential biological functions through production of steroids and catecholamines. Pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC)-derived peptides have been implicated in all aspects of generating, maintaining, and functioning of the adrenal glands. An appreciation for the roles of POMC-derived peptides with respect to the adrenal has(More)
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