Andranik Tumasjan

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Twitter is a microblogging website where users read and write millions of short messages on a variety of topics every day. This study uses the context of the German federal election to investigate whether Twitter is used as a forum for political deliberation and whether online messages on Twitter validly mirror offline political sentiment. Using LIWC text(More)
This study investigates whether microblogging messages on Twitter validly mirror the political landscape off-line and can be used to predict election results. In the context of the 2009 German federal election, we conducted a sentiment analysis of over 100,000 messages containing a reference to either a political party or a politician. Our results show that(More)
Research has shown close connections between personality and subjective well-being (SWB), suggesting that personality traits predispose individuals to experience different levels of SWB. Moreover, numerous studies have shown that self-efficacy is related to both personality factors and SWB. Extending previous research, we show that general self-efficacy(More)
In their comment, Jungherr, Jürgens, and Schoen (2010) challenged part of the results presented in our original article (Tumasjan, Sprenger, Sandner, & Welpe, 2010). The present response addresses their points of concern and demonstrates that the conclusions drawn in Tumasjan et al. (2010) are well supported by both data and analyses.
Field Editor: C. Schade Although there is evidence that regulatory focus is associated with opportunity exploitation, there is a lack of research examining its role at the early stages of opportunity recognition. The present study makes two major contributions to address this gap. First, we demonstrate that entrepreneurs' promotion focus is positively(More)
The People’s Republic of China has shown strong economic growth rates within the last years, which can in part be attributed to the increasing foundation of startup companies, especially in the IT sector. Due to a lack of familiarity with novel situations, it is difficult for entrepreneurial teams to operate successfully during the first years after(More)
This research examines the incremental validity of irrational thinking as conceptualized by Albert Ellis to predict diverse aspects of subjective well-being while controlling for the influence of personality factors. Rational-emotive behavior therapy (REBT) argues that irrational beliefs result in maladaptive emotions leading to reduced well-being. Although(More)
Using a complex set of quantitative and qualitative indicators of scientific importance, Haggbloom et al. [1] compiled a ranking of the most eminent psychologists of the 20th century. The present study set out to replicate this rankordered list using simple search engine count estimates (SECEs) obtained from three popular internet search engines. In line(More)
2. Method Study 1: Participants were N = 34 females (aged 22-87 years; M = 47.41; SD = 21.20). Applying a semi-structured interview, participants were presented three apparel products (one skirt, one blouse, one pair of trousers) and asked to list all attributes they would use to judge product quality. Subsequently, participants were asked to rank all(More)
2. Method Participants Our convenience sample consisted of 386 university students which were recruited at two universities in Germany and China: 195 students (117 female, age: 18-31, M = 22.17, SD = 2.09) were recruited on the campus of the University of Munich (Germany) and 191 students (111 female, age: 18-30, M = 22.05, SD = 2.13) were recruited at the(More)
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