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An analysis is presented for both ground-and satellite-based retrievals of total column ozone and nitrogen dioxide levels from the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland, metropolitan area during the NASA-sponsored July 2011 campaign of Deriving Information on Surface COnditions from Column and VERtically Resolved Observations Relevant to Air Quality(More)
We detail the technique, procedure, and equipment required to properly obtain a micro-scale capillary (fingerstick) blood specimen for subsequent determination of its lead content. We divide the micro-sampling procedure into preparation of sampling equipment and subject, the fingerstick, micro blood collection devices, and transport and storage. The concept(More)
In a changing climate, future inundation of the United States' Atlantic coast will depend on both storm surges during tropical cyclones and the rising relative sea levels on which those surges occur. However, the observational record of tropical cyclones in the North Atlantic basin is too short (A.D. 1851 to present) to accurately assess long-term trends in(More)
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