Andraž Hočevar

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The salient feature of one-cell-thick epithelia is their en face view, which reveals the polygonal cross section of the close-packed prismatic cells. The physical mechanisms that shape these tissues were hitherto explored using theories based on cell proliferation, which were either entirely topological or included certain morphogenetic forces. But mitosis(More)
A vast range of both living and inanimate planar cellular partitions obeys universal empirical laws describing their structure. To better understand this observation, we analyze the morphometric parameters of a sizeable set of experimental data that includes animal and plant tissues, patterns in desiccated starch slurry, suprafroth in type-I(More)
We propose a 2D mechanical model of the ventral furrow formation in Drosophila that is based on undifferentiated epithelial cells of identical properties whose energy resides in their membrane. Depending on the relative tensions of the apical, basal, and lateral sides, the minimal-energy states of the embryo cross-section includes circular, elliptical,(More)
We theoretically study the structure of periodic bulk assemblies of identical lipid vesicles. In our model, each vesicle is represented as a convex polyhedron with flat faces, rounded edges, and rounded vertices. Each vesicle carries an elastic and an adhesion energy and in the limit of strong adhesion, the minimal-energy shape of cells minimizes the(More)
The comparison of rheological parameters for 26 different types of fresh concrete, measured with two co-axial cylinder rheometers ConTec Viscometer 5 and ICAR Rheometer, is presented in the paper. The consistency by slump test and flow table test was also measured. Statistical analyses of results show good correlation between the two rheometers for the(More)
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