Andrés Varela

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The identification of tumour biomarkers that detect the presence of disease using noninvasive diagnostic procedures is a key part of cancer research. We determined in plasma the vesicle-related microRNA (miRNA) expression profile of nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and evaluate whether plasma miRNAs can be both discriminating (between patients and healthy(More)
There is currently no method for preservation and functional evaluation of clinical out-of-hospital non-heart-beating lung donors (NHBLD) that can be applied practically and systematically in clinical lung transplantation programs. A new method of preservation and functional evaluation of the lung has been developed in NHBLD that is based on the knowledge(More)
BACKGROUND The scarcity of grafts for lung transplant and the growing number of candidates expecting an organ has led to an increase of deaths in patients waiting for lung transplantation. Non-heart-beating donors (NHBD) represent a promising source of grafts for those who are involved in clinical lung transplantation. We present the results of our series(More)
Between 1985 and 1991, we treated 6 children, aged 2 months to 3 years, who required an invasive procedure for the management of complications caused by enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes secondary to tuberculosis. Radiologic and endoscopic studies revealed bronchial involvement by lymph nodes, with endobronchial granulomas and lobar or pulmonary obstruction(More)
OBJECTIVE We review a series of 240 patients treated surgically for pulmonary hydatid cyst in our center between 1966 and 1988, assessing the results with our surgical technique, which involves a novel needle aspiration device designed by Professor D. Figuera, and postoperative treatment protocol. PATIENTS AND METHODS The majority (60.4%) of the patients(More)
OBJECTIVE New endoscopic techniques have been developed as an alternative to surgical treatment of bronchopleural fistula. The objective of this study was to analyze our experience with endoscopic treatment of such fistulas. MATERIAL AND METHODS We conducted a retrospective study of patients with bronchopleural fistula diagnosed by fiberoptic(More)
BACKGROUND Cold flush and static cold storage is the standard preservation technique for donor lungs before transplantations. Several research groups have assessed normothermic perfusion of donor lungs but all devices investigated were non-portable. We report first-in-man experience of the portable Organ Care System (OCS) Lung device for concomitant(More)
In this study, we asked whether the serum acute-phase protein C-reactive protein (CRP) increased in large surfactant aggregates after lung transplantation and analyzed the changes in composition and interfacial adsorption activity of those aggregates. Single left lung transplantation was performed in weight-matched pairs of dogs. A double-lung block from(More)
PURPOSE To assess the activity of induction chemotherapy followed by surgery in stage IIIA and selected stage IIIB non-small-cell lung cancer patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Mediastinoscopy proof of either positive N2 (IIIA) or T4N0-1 (IIIB) disease was required. Induction therapy was three cycles of cisplatin/gemcitabine/docetaxel, followed by surgery. (More)
To assess whether glycolysis, Na+-H+ exchange and oxidation of fatty acid derived from endogenous lipolysis are involved in the beneficial effects of 24-h fasting on the ischaemic - reperfused heart, it was studied the effects of inhibiting Na+ - H+ exchange using 10 muM dimethylamiloride and fatty acid oxidation using 2 mM oxfenicine, on the functional(More)