Andrés Valdivieso

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Although augmented reality (AR) promises to provide valuable means for computer-aided surgery; the underlying technologies often create a cumbersome work environment that is inadequate for clinical employment. A great deal of research is still needed to develop comfortable and easy-to-use tools providing an augmented view of the patient and its main(More)
BACKGROUND Pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMP) receptors play a key role in the early host response to viruses. In this work, we determined mRNA levels of two members of the Toll-like Receptors family, (TLR3 and TLR7) and the helicase RIG-I, all of three recognizing viral RNA products, in peripheral blood of healthy donors and hepatitis C virus(More)
BACKGROUND Both dietary phosphorus restriction and the ingestion of ammonium chloride (NH(4)Cl) given to rats on a high-phosphorus diet have been shown to preserve renal function in the azotaemic rat. Parathyroidectomy also has been reported to preserve renal function and, in addition, to prevent kidney hypertrophy in the remnant kidney model. Our goals(More)
To define and validate a pharmacokinetic (PK) model for tacrolimus (TAC) that includes patient pathophysiology and has clinical applicability in the first 2 weeks post-liver transplantation (PLT). Routine monitoring records [dose, trough levels (Cmin), demographics, biochemistry] from 75 patients treated with TAC (Prograf®) PLT were used to develop a(More)
BACKGROUND Kidney hypertrophy is stimulated by both partial nephrectomy and NH(4)Cl administration. Also, parathyroidectomy (PTX) has been reported to prevent kidney hypertrophy induced by a high protein diet. Our goal was to determine in the azotaemic rat: (i) the combined effects of NH(4)Cl administration and dietary phosphorus on the development of(More)
BACKGROUND Calcitriol is used to treat secondary hyperparathyroidism in dialysis patients. For similarly elevated parathyroid hormone (PTH) levels, the PTH response to calcitriol treatment is believed to be better in hypocalcaemic dialysis patients than in dialysis patients with higher serum calcium values. Furthermore, few studies have evaluated the(More)
BACKGROUND A variety of stimuli are involved in the pathogenesis of parathyroid gland hyperplasia in renal failure. Recently, it was shown that blocking the signal from the endothelin-1 (ET-1) receptor (ET(A)R/ET(B)R) by a non-selective receptor antagonist, bosentan, reduced parathyroid cell proliferation, parathyroid gland hyperplasia and parathyroid(More)
The authors acknowledge the constructive comments and assistance from anonymous referees in the preparation of this paper. Abstract Australia has reduced its international trade barriers by signing Free Trade Agreements (FTAs). These FTAs have brought benefits to some sectors of the economy, along with threats to some firms in local industries. The recent(More)
Hypokalemia, hypovolemia and electrocardiographic changes due to furosemide abuse. Report of one case Hypokalemia (serum K + <3.5 mEq/l) is a potentially serious adverse effect of diuretic ingestion. We report a 27 year-old woman admitted with muscle weakness, a serum potassium of 2.0 mEq/1, metabolic alkalosis and EKG abnormalities simulating cardiac(More)