Andrés Santiago Pérez-Bergquist

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Robotic Autonomy is a seven-week, hands-on introduction to robotics designed for high school students. The course presents a broad survey of robotics, beginning with mechanism and electronics and ending with robot behavior, navigation and remote teleoperation. During the summer of 2002, Robotic Autonomy was taught to twenty eight students at Carnegie Mellon(More)
The Trikebot is the result of a ground-up design effort chartered to develop an effective and low-cost educational robot for secondary level education and home use. This paper describes all aspects of the Trikebot, including chassis and mechanism; control electronics; communication architecture; robot control server and student programming environment.(More)
Many problems are easily expressed as an attempt to fulfill some goal while laboring under some set of constraints. Prior planning algorithms have addressed this in part, but there are few fast ways of working with more than just a few constraints. Extending algorithms designed for one constraint to multiple constraints is difficult due to the NP complete(More)
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