Andrés Rodríguez

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In recent processor development, we have witnessed the integration of GPU and CPUs into a single chip. The result of this integration is a reduction of the data communication overheads. This enables an efficient collaboration of both devices in the execution of parallel workloads. In this work, we focus on the problem of efficiently scheduling chunks of(More)
The role of sketching for designing enactive interactions is reviewed, a conceptual framework is described and an exploratory case study is analyzed and discussed. The framework is organized as a map with two dimensions: the first one expresses the interactivity embodied in the different representations used by designers. The other dimension organizes the(More)
—We address the problem of providing support for executing single streaming applications implemented as a pipeline of stages that run on heterogeneous chips comprised of several cores and one on-chip GPU. In this paper, we present an API that allows the user to specify the type of parallelism exploited by each pipeline stage running on the CPU multicore,(More)
A conceptual framework for addressing the sketching of enactive interactions is presented. The importance of sketching for designing interactions and basic concepts on enactive interfaces are reviewed. A framework is proposed, organized as a two dimensional map: the interactivity embodied by the representations and their expressiveness in terms of user(More)
The development of techniques to consider the uncertainty in the process of making of decisions is one of the fundamental tasks of many investigators in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In Knowledge Based Systems, like particular systems for the making of decisions, the use of these techniques is of special consideration. In this article the problem of(More)
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