Andrés Peñalosa

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The Arabidopsis genome encodes ten Homeodomain-Leucine zipper (HD-Zip) II proteins. ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA HOMEOBOX 2 (ATHB2), HOMEOBOX ARABIDOPSIS THALIANA 1 (HAT1), HAT2, HAT3 and ATHB4 are regulated by changes in the red/far red light ratio that induce shade avoidance in most of the angiosperms. Here, we show that progressive loss of HAT3, ATHB4 and ATHB2(More)
The role of auxin as main regulator of vascular differentiation is well established, and a direct correlation between the rate of xylem differentiation and the amount of auxin reaching the (pro)cambial cells has been proposed. It has been suggested that thermospermine produced by ACAULIS5 (ACL5) and bushy and dwarf2 (BUD2) is one of the factors downstream(More)
To uncover new pathways involved in low-temperature signal transduction, we screened for mutants altered in cold-induced expression of RCI2A, an Arabidopsis gene that is not a member of the CBF/DREB1 regulon and is induced not only by low temperature but also by abscisic acid (ABA), dehydration (DH) and NaCl. This was accomplished by generating a line of(More)
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