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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this paper is to summarize the best evidence regarding the impact of providing patient-reported outcomes (PRO) information to health care professionals in daily clinical practice. METHODS Systematic review of randomized clinical trials (Medline, Cochrane Library; reference lists of previous systematic reviews; and requests to(More)
With about 400 living species and 82 genera, rodents of the subfamily Sigmodontinae comprise one of the most diverse and more broadly distributed Neotropical mammalian clades. There has been much debate on the origin of the lineage or the lineages of sigmodontines that entered South America, the timing of entrance and different aspects of further(More)
Much debate has focused on how transitions in life history have influenced the proliferation of some clades. Rodents of the subfamily Sigmodontinae (family Cricetidae) comprise one of the most diverse clades of Neotropical mammals (~400 living species in 86 genera). These rodents occupy a wide range of habitats and lifestyles so that ecological context(More)
In the last few years high-throughput sequencing technologies have permitted significant advances in mammalian phylogenetic studies from a genomic perspective. However, these studies have been restricted to a sparse number of species with available reference genomes. Thus, several issues inside the eutherian mammals phylogeny remain unresolved. This may be(More)
The prescription of a pharmacological agent concludes most medical visits. The rational basis of drug prescription by the physician relies on numerous pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, pragmatic and economic considerations. However, it is a pity to notice that one patient out of two does not strictly follow the pharmacological treatment as it was(More)
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