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This paper introduces JitterBugs, a class of inline interception mechanisms that covertly transmit data by perturbing the timing of input events likely to affect externally observable network traffic. JitterBugs positioned at input devices deep within the trusted environment (e.g., hidden in cables or connectors) can leak sensitive data without compromising(More)
A recent national survey suggests that the HIPAA privacy rule has not only failed to preserve patient privacy adequately, but also has had a negative impact on clinical research. Our work suggests that researchers revisit the possibilities of homomorphic encryption and apply the techniques to secure aggregation of medical telemetry. A primary goal is to(More)
This document describes the details and results of a spectrum occupancy measurement campaign which took place in Bogota (Colombia) from March to December 2012. The study includes the analysis of occupation of all frequency bands ranging from 54 MHz to 6 GHz. Measurements are sorted according to different bands and services so as to provide a clear vision(More)
This paper presents and discusses a nonlinear model developed to obtain electrical demand behaviors in a typical aluminium smelter plant. The validation of this model is based on real data measurement for five years of plant activity. The dynamic of the power demand, due to variations of cell parameters, electrical or production, has also been considered in(More)
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