Andrés Marín López

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User adaptive systems in the context of pervasive computing can only unveil their power if based on a generic middleware managing private data and context information in combination with flexible device access and control. However, managing those data poses severe privacy problems both legally and from a trust perspective. Therefore we propose a home(More)
Pervasive devices interacting in open and dynamic spaces with each others require a mechanism that allows them acting autonomously in a secure way and protecting their resources. Trust is fundamental to establish communication with other users, because the identity is often uncertain and on one's own does not provide trust information, for instance, could(More)
In pervasive computing environments, mobile devices communicate via wireless links without requiring any fixed infrastructure. These devices must be able to discover and share services dynamically. In this paper, we propose a new service discovery middleware specifically designed for this kind of environments. This middleware is composed of a service(More)
— Cloud computing allows accessing resources across Internet transparently: requiring no expertise in, or control over the underlying infrastructure. There is an increasing interest in sharing media files with family and friends. However, UPnP or DLNA were not designed for media distribution beyond the boundaries of a local network and manage media files(More)
— In this article we present a system for sharing a Conditional Access Module among different visualization devices. Current pay-TV systems require having conditional access modules and smart cards replicated at every visualization device willing to access Pay-TV contents. In this article, we show how a home gateway, capable of securely distribute(More)
Alice first meets Bob in an entertainment shop, then, they wish to share multimedia content, but Do they know what are trustworthy users? How do they share such information in a secure way? How do they establish the permissions? Pervasive computing environments originate this kind of scenario, users with their personal devices interacting without need of(More)