Andrés L. Medaglia

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Journal : European Journal of Operational Research State : Accepted manuscript doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2012.08.015 Abstract : A number of technological advances have led to a renewed interest on dynamic vehicle routing problems. This survey classiVes routing problems from the perspective of information quality and evolution. After presenting a general(More)
The Multi-Compartment Vehicle Routing Problem (MC-VRP) consists of designing transportation routes to satisfy the demands of a set of costumers for several products that because of incompatibility constraints must be loaded on independent vehicle compartments. Despite its wide practical applicability the MC-VRP has not received much attention in the(More)
In the truck and trailer routing problem (TTRP) a heterogeneous fleet composed of trucks and trailers has to serve a set of customers, some only accessible by truck and others accessible with a truck pulling a trailer. This problem is solved using a route-first, cluster-second procedure embedded within a hybrid metaheuristic based on a greedy randomized(More)
3 COPA, Department of Industrial Engineering, Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia {amedagli, nvelasco} In the truck and trailer problem (TTRP), raised for instance by milk collection in rural areas, a heterogeneous fleet composed of mt trucks and mr trailers (mr < mt) serves a set of customers N = {1, 2, ..., n} from a main depot,(More)