Andrés Guerrero

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Changes in the evolution of a malignant transplantable tumor in mice to whom quinacrine, copper and zinc were supplied in drinking water are reported. Male AJ mice were inoculated in the right thigh with 1,000,000 TA3 or TA3 MTXR tumoral cells. Three experiments were designed with different types of tumors and different schedules of quinacrine and cations(More)
  • Susan Fountain, York, Peter Buckland, Elaine Furniss, Andrés Guerrero, Erma Manoncourt +8 others
  • 1999
Staff Working Papers are working documents. They present new ideas, innovative approaches, case studies, bibliographies and research results, prepared either by UNICEF staff or by consultants or by others supported by UNICEF. Their purpose is to facilitate the rapid exchange of knowledge and perspectives among field offices and to stimulate discussion. The(More)
Human milk is known to contain several proteases, but little is known about whether these enzymes are active, which proteins they cleave, and their relative contribution to milk protein digestion in vivo. This study analyzed the mass spectrometry-identified protein fragments found in pooled human milk by comparing their cleavage sites with the enzyme(More)
To optimize the expression, extraction and purification of plant-derived tetrameric recombinant human butyrylcholinesterase (prBChE), we describe the development and use of plant viral amplicon-based gene expression system; Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) RNA-based overexpression vector (TRBO) to express enzymatically active FLAG-tagged plant made recombinant(More)
Little is known about the digestive process in infants. In particular, the chronological activity of enzymes across the course of digestion in the infant remains largely unknown. To create a temporal picture of how milk proteins are digested, enzyme activity was compared between intact human milk samples from three mothers and the gastric samples from each(More)
The antibiotic anisomycin inhibits protein synthesis, which much research has suggested is required for the formation of long-term memory. The present work studied the effects of acute subcutaneous administration of anisomycin on the consolidation of memory in an inhibitory avoidance task in CD1 mice of both sexes. The animals were separated by sex and(More)
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