Andrés González-Molina

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Isolated normal human peripheral lymphocytes were analyzed for their ability to bind IgE as shown by rosette formation with aldehydefixed ox red cells coated with an IgE myeloma protein (Eo'-IgE) as indicator cells. An average of 4.3% of the cells in the lymphocyte preparations of 12 donors formed Eo'-IgE rosettes. The lymphocyte preparations contained an(More)
The binding of human IgE myeloma proteins to 16 human cultured lymphoblastoid cell lines was studied by measuring specific uptake of radiolabeled deaggregated IgE myeloma proteins and/or E-IgE rosette formation. Eight lines, RPMI-8866, Wil-2WT, RPMI-6410, RPMI-1788, RPMI-4265, Clowers, COLO-59 and Victor, bound IgE as shown by at least one of these methods.(More)
The association between the severity of chronic hepatitis C and the variability of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) genome remains controversial, but to our knowledge few data are available to date regarding T-cell epitope coding regions in transplant patients. In the current study, we identified 21 human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-A2-positive Spanish patients with(More)
UNLABELLED Bronchiectasis is a heterogeneous disease in terms of its clinical and functional presentation. Some isolated parameters have been used to assess the severity of bronchiectasis or its response to treatment. A study was undertaken to evaluate whether lung function, dyspnea and extension of the disease are separate entities in the impact of(More)
AIMS Proinflammatory cytokines are important mediators for the development of heart failure and increased plasma levels of these cytokines have been reported in patients with this condition. The purpose of the study was to investigate whether urine, a non-invasively obtained biological sample, was an appropriate medium in which to measure the concentration(More)
A seasonal variation in the proliferative response to mitogens and in the proportion of splenic lymphocyte subpopulations was found in mice housed in a constant environment. The lymphoproliferative responses to T-cell and B-cell mitogens reached maximum values in autumn and summer. Identification of lymphocyte subpopulations by flow cytometry demonstrated(More)
AIM To assess the effect of intrapleural urokinase, vis-à-vis simple pleural drainage, on residual pleural thickening in a series of patients suffering from loculated tuberculous pleural effusion. PATIENTS AND METHOD Twenty-nine patients (21 males and 8 females) with loculated pleural effusion were studied. These patients were randomly allocated to one of(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Immune response-mediated regulation of myocardial collagen remains poorly understood. Our objective was to investigate the relationship between ventricular remodeling and immunologic activation in patients with heart failure (HF) by comparing dilated and ischemic cardiomyopathy. METHODS We studied 94 patients with HF and(More)
We studied the function of monocyte-mediated suppression in the proliferative responses of depressed T-cells of patients with advanced lung cancer, with both local (Stage III) and extrapulmonary metastasis (Stage IV). The mononuclear cells of 13 non-treated patients showed a significant drop in proliferation upon stimulation with suboptimum, optimum and(More)