Andrés García-García

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While there is a hereditary component to tori, this does not explain all cases. Tori tend to appear more frequently during middle age of life; the torus palatinus is more commonly observed in females, but this is not the case with the torus mandibularis. Certain ethnic groups are more prone to one torus or the other. The torus is mainly removed due to(More)
This paper presents a platform that supports the execution of scientific applications covering different programming models (such as Master/Slave, Parallel/MPI, MapRe-duce and Workflows) on Cloud infrastructures. The platform includes i) a high-level declarative language to express the requirements of the applications featuring software customization at(More)
SLA-aware Cloud platforms need mechanisms to represent, store and retrieve Cloud services. Usually services changes between different platforms, custom models are built to capture this information and ad-hoc implementations used to store and retrieve it. This paper propose a generic methodology for the representation of Cloud services. This methodology uses(More)
Blob detection is a common task in vision-based applications. Most existing algorithms are aimed at execution on general purpose computers; while very few can be adapted to the computing restrictions present in embedded platforms. This paper focuses on the design of an algorithm capable of real-time blob detection that minimizes system memory consumption.(More)
—Popularity of Cloud Computing produced the birth of Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) concept, where each service can comprise large variety of software and hardware elements. Although having the same concept, each of these services represent complex systems that have to be deployed and managed by a provider using individual tools for almost every element.(More)
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