Andrés Farall

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Cognitive psychologists have relied on dual-task interference experiments to understand the low-capacity and serial nature of conscious mental operations. Two widely studied paradigms, the Attentional Blink (AB) and the Psychological Refractory Period (PRP) have demonstrated a first-come first-served policy; processing a stimulus either impedes conscious(More)
We derive estimators of the mean of a function of a quality-of-life adjusted failure time, in the presence of competing right censoring mechanisms. Our approach allows for the possibility that some or all of the competing censoring mechanisms are associated with the endpoint, even after adjustment for recorded prognostic factors, with the degree of residual(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate trends of undernutrition (stunting and underweight) among children younger than 5 years covered by the universal health coverage programs Plan Nacer and Programa Sumar. METHODS From 2005 to 2013, Plan Nacer and Programa Sumar collected high-quality information on birth and visit dates, age (in days), gender, weight (in kg), and(More)
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