Andrés Duarte-Rojo

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Malignancy of neoplasms is partly dependent on angiogenesis. Angiotensin II mediates angiogenesis and transcription of growth-related factors through stimulation of the AT1 receptor (AT1R). Losartan, a drug used mostly for treatment of hypertension, binds strongly to this receptor. We found the presence of AT1 receptor on C6 glioma cells and studied the(More)
INTRODUCTION Acute pancreatitis (AP) is usually a mild and self-limiting disease, but some patients develop a severe form that is associated with high mortality. In AP, local inflammation is followed first by the systemic inflammatory response syndrome and then by the compensatory anti-inflammatory response syndrome, which is defined by low human leukocyte(More)
Liver disease and portal hypertension can be associated with pulmonary vascular complications, including portopulmonary hypertension (POPH), characterised by an elevated mean pulmonary artery pressure secondary to an increased pulmonary vascular resistance, and hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS), characterised by hypoxaemia due to pulmonary vasodilatation and(More)
AIM Evaluate the association between phase angle and the development of hepatic encephalopathy in the long-term follow-up of cirrhotic patients. METHODS This was a prospective cohort study. Clinical, nutritional and biochemical evaluations were performed. Mann-Whitney's U and χ2 tests were used as appropriate. Kaplan-Meier curves and Cox proportional(More)
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