Andrés Domínguez

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BACKGROUND Nuevo León is a state in northeastern Mexico, near the border of Texas. Mean mortality rate from 1996-98 due to anencephaly cases was 0.6/1,000. In 1999 a surveillance program for the registry and prevention of neural tube defects (NTD) cases was initiated. METHODS Cases were obtained from hospitals and OB-GYN clinics by immediate notification,(More)
In this paper we present methods to determine water soluble phospholipids containing choline (wCh-PL). The analytes were hydrolyzed by the enzyme phospholipase D and the choline formed was oxidized by the enzyme Choline Oxidase (ChOx); the fluorescence changes of the ChOx are followed during the enzymatic reaction, avoiding the necessity of an indicating(More)
Hyphenated HPTLC has been used to analyze several neutral sphingolipids acting as lysosomal storage disease (LSD) biomarkers. Automated multiple development (AMD) provides separation of lipid peaks, which are detected and quantified using fluorescence detection by intensity changes (FDIC) after primuline post-impregnation. A final online transfer to a mass(More)
Short sequence mapping methods for Next Generation Sequencing consist on a combination of seeding techniques followed by local alignment based on dynamic programming approaches. Most seeding algorithms are based on backward search alignment, using the Burrows Wheeler Transform, the Ferragina and Manzini Index or Suffix Arrays. All these backward search(More)
Changes in emission of berberine cation, induced by non-covalent interactions with lipids on silica gel plates, can be used for detecting and quantifying lipids using fluorescence scanning densitometry in HPTLC analysis. This procedure, referred to as fluorescence detection by intensity changes (FDIC) has been used here in combination with automated(More)
In this paper a mathematical model describing the non-specific interactions of the medium surrounding a fluorophore on its fluorescence intensity is proposed. The model, which has been developed for quantitative analytical applications, is based on the following general ideas: (1) the medium affects the fluorescence quantum yield across the non-radiative(More)
This paper estimates the role that technological change and car characteristics have played in the rate of fuel consumption of vehicles over time. Using data from the Spanish car market from 1988 to 2013, we estimate a reduced form equation that relates fuel consumption with a set of car characteristics. The results for the sales-weighted sample of vehicles(More)
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