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Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), the most common and lethal primary human brain tumor, exhibits multiple molecular aberrations. We report that loss of the transcription factor GATA4, a negative regulator of normal astrocyte proliferation, is a driver in glioma formation and fulfills the hallmarks of a tumor suppressor gene (TSG). Although GATA4 was expressed(More)
Glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) is an intermediate filament expressed in glial cells that stabilizes and maintains the cytoskeleton of normal astrocytes. In glial tumors, GFAP expression is frequently lost with increasing grade of malignancy, suggesting that GFAP is important for maintaining glial cell morphology or regulating astrocytoma cell(More)
The mean pore size and percent porosity of vacuum-mixed cement were compared with centrifuged cement and cement hand mixed by skilled specialized operating room technicians. Centrifuged cement samples had the smallest mean pore size when compared with vacuum-mixed specimens. The mean pore size for the hand-mixed specimens was intermediate and not(More)
Since the establishment of the AANS/CNS Section on Tumors in 1984, neurosurgeons have been actively involved in basic science research of human brain tumors that has moved the field forward considerably. Here, we chronicle the major advances that have been made with respect to our understanding of the concepts guiding the biology of human malignant brain(More)
In this paper, a technique based on a new model from finite differences discretization of Fourier heat propagation in 3D, is presented in order to be applied on a sequence of infrared images to enhance contrast and automatically detect and characterize flaws in composite slabs. The performance of this technique is evaluated using artificial thermal(More)
Coffee Break (30 min) Miguel Szekely: Equidad, productividad laboral y la formación de capital humano (15 minutos) ii. Marco Llinás: La perspectiva del sector empresarial (10 minutos) iii. Patricia Martínez: La perspectiva del Gobierno, agenda de reformas y retos por delante desde el Ministerio de Educación (10 minutos) iv. Rafael Pardo: La perspectiva del(More)
con ultrasonido. En el presente artículo se propone entonces un sistema de procesamiento de señales ultrasónicas captadas a través de una estructura de 2 Transmisores y 2 Receptores, de tal manera que extrayendo diferentes características del espacio temporal, de los espectros de Fourier y de los coeficientes Wavelet, eligiendo las más adecuadas mediante(More)
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