Andrés Castell

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Adrenal chromaffin cell (ACC) transplantation has been considered as one of the therapeutic strategies for Parkinson disease (PD). This strategy involves the administration of L-DOPA, although in reduced doses, to ACC-transplanted patients. Using cytochemical and morphological methods, we examined the effects of clinically applicable concentrations of(More)
Langerhans cells have been described in epidermis and other stratified epithelia of mammals. In other vertebrates equivalent cells have not been found. Amphibians show skin graft rejection, so it is possible that these animals have epidermal cells homologous to Langerhans cells. In this work we demonstrate the existence of ATPase-positive dendritic cells in(More)
Cathepsin B is one of the major lysosomal cysteine proteases involved in neuronal protein catabolism. This cathepsin is released after traumatic injury and increases neuronal death; however, release of cystatin C, a cathepsin inhibitor, appears to be a self-protective brain response. Here we describe the effect of cystatin C intracerebroventricular(More)
Nowadays, connexin (Cx) 36 is considered the sole gap junction protein expressed in pancreatic beta cells. In the present research we investigated the expression of Cx30.2 mRNA and protein in mouse pancreatic islets. Cx30.2 mRNA and protein were identified in isolated islet preparations by qRT-PCR and Western blot, respectively. Immunohistochemical analysis(More)
The effects of melittin at increasing concentrations on: [3H]GABA release from mouse brain synaptosomes; on the radioactivity released from [3H]arachidonic acid labeled synaptosomal membranes; on synaptosomes ultrastructure and on the leakage of the cytoplasmic marker, lactate-dehydrogenase (LDH) was investigated. Melittin 0.3, 1, 3, 7, and 10 μM(More)
The alkyl esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid (PHBA) known as parabens (Pbens) are widely used as preservatives in food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Several in vivo and in vitro studies have shown these compounds to be estrogenic. Here, for the first time, we present evidence of their estrogenicity using a morphometric analysis of uteri from mice treated(More)
The present study was aimed to assess the effect of protein carbonylation (PC) in hepatic cells and effects of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on indicators of tissue damage induced by liver ischemia-reperfusion injury (LIRI). Warm ischemia was performed by partial vascular occlusion during 90 min in Wistar rats. In serum, we determined the(More)
The results reported herein address the question of synaptogenesis between adrenal chromaffin cells and striatal neurons. The release of dopamine from chromaffin cells in the presence of striatal neurons was also examined. Co-culture of newborn rat chromaffin cells and striatal neurons at 1:1 ratio was made. Cultures were examined morphologically using(More)
Adrenal chromaffin cell (ACC) transplants, alone or combined with levodopa treatment, were used in attempted therapy for Parkinson's disease (PD). In a previous study, we demonstrated that levodopa caused chromaffin cell death either by necrosis or by apoptosis in cell culture. Here we report the beneficial effect of a water-soluble derivative of fullerene(More)
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