Andrés Carrillo López

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Ultrasound has become an essential tool in assisting critically ill patients. His knowledge, use and instruction requires a statement by scientific societies involved in its development and implementation. Our aim are to determine the use of the technique in intensive care medicine, clinical situations where its application is recommended, levels of(More)
Nearly forty years ago, Swan and Ganz introduced pulmonary artery catheterization to monitor the hemodynamic status of critical patients. The need for pulmonary artery catheterization in clinical practice has been questioned because it may be related to increased mortality and because alternative techniques that will probably cause less morbidity and(More)
Aims Coronary artery spasm (CAS) is associated with ventricular arrhythmias (VA). Much controversy remains regarding the best therapeutic interventions for this specific patient subset. We aimed to evaluate the clinical outcomes of patients with a history of life-threatening VA due to CAS with various medical interventions, as well as the need for ICD(More)
Lemierre syndrome, also known as postanginal sepsis, is a very rare complication of acute tonsillitis, as yet undescribed in adult patients with Fontan circulation. It is usually caused by the anaerobic bacteria Fusobacterium necrophorum, part of the normal flora. Although the term Lemierre syndrome has been applied to different clinical situations, it is(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic aortic regurgitation can be well tolerated for a long time. Some patients with normal ventricular function can even reach high levels of sporting performance. How the severity of regurgitation may change during exercise, however, is little known, although some studies suggest it diminishes. The present work examines, during exercise, the(More)
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